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Welcome To The STEPHENISE Mattress Company

STEPHENISE Multibiz Holdings Sdn Bhd was established by two successful individuals who are in the mattress trade since 1983. The company will be positioned as an e-Commerce company selling baby and adult ‘Mattress-in-a-Box’ concept under the STEPHENISE brand. Our aim is to achieve convenient delivery services whilst providing customers with a quality affordable mattress that everyone can have a restful sleep on it. Our mattress is unique.
Our Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam brings the benefits of memory foam pressure point relief combined with the odour and moisture control of bamboo charcoal. Our 100% Natural Latex is hypo-allergenic & resistant to dust mites. The breezy fabric cover can adapt to your movement and leave with a cooler, breathable sleeping surface. We can leverage on the fact that we have an associate that makes our mattress to our specifications and thus quality is assured. STEPHENISE believes that it can transform lives by designing a loveable mattress so that everyone will have a good night’s sleep

Our Story

STEPHENISE is about two individuals. Both of them shared a vision to make the most comfortable mattress to sleep on as both of them have a problem of getting a good night’s sleep.

And so, they went to a mattress store to purchase a mattress. There were too many brands to pick from and so they picked the one recommended by the store. After sleeping on the
mattress for over a month, it still did not solve their sleeping issues. After sleeping on their thoughts, the couple believed that, with their expertise, the mattress business was worth
studying and investing in.

Stephen took charge of the commercial side of things whilst Anise with her expertise in mixing solutions, took charge of the specifications of the mattress. They started doing research and development to find the best mattress formula to create the perfect mattress for everyone.

And so, they name their company, STEPHENISE, after their names, Stephen and Anise. This is a love story about a couple who believed that they could help improve everyone’s sleeping experience with their creation.

Vision & Mission

At STEPHENISE, our vision is to inspire everyone that they can combine a healthy and sensational sleeping experience.